If you are a horse or pony owner, chances are you have accumulated a number of blankets for them to wear. Depending on the weather, time of year, and of course if you horse is clipped or unclipped that collection might be quite large. 

Deciding on which type of blanket for your horse can be a difficult enough challenge, without having the responsibility of choosing the right type of blanket. With different neck styles, weights, features and prices to offer, its easy to see why this can be a daunting task for any horse owner. 

With this in mind, here are WeatherBeeta, we have developed a range of blankts that are compatible with easy-to-use and versatile blanket liners. Discover more about the benefits of using a blanket liner system below... 

What is a horse blanket Liner? 

A liner is a type of blanket that goes under your current blanket and secures to your turnout or stable blanket using tabs and clips for security, to provide an extra layer of insulation. WeatherBeeta currently offers a range of liners, available in medium/lite (100g), Medium weight (200g) and Heavy weight (300g). 

What are the benefits of using a horse blanket liner? 

The benefit of using a horse blanket liner system is then you only require one turnout or stable blanket, usually a light weight. You can then add or remove different weight liners depending on the weather conditions and temperature. This makes your blanket completely versatile. It is also a more cost-effective way of filling out your horse's wardrobe. 

For ease of good hygine, WeatherBeeta blanket liners can be easily washed helping to allow your outer turnout blanket to stay waterproof for many seasons, while ensuring your horse always has a clean liner against their back and sensitive skin. 

The liners themselves are brimming with features for the comfort of your horse and for transitional eas for the owner, including a channel quilted outer for durability, a boa fleece wither relief pad to relieve wither pressure and prevent rubbing, a single touch tape front chest strap, and four touch-tape tabs on the neck and clips at the rear to allow for an easy optional layer. 

What WeatherBeeta blankets are liner compatible? 

There are many turnout blankets within the WeatherBeeta ranges that can be used with a liner. 

Compatible Turnout Blankets include: ComFiTec Ultra Cozi III, Ultra Tough III, Premier Free II, Green-Tec  and the Plus Dynamic II. 


Green-Tec Liners 

NEW this Winter, the Green-Tec liners feature a strong 150 denier recycled inner and come in medium/lite, medium and heavy weights. A single touch tape front closure and four touch-tape tabs on the neck keep the liner in place and prevents slip back over the withers, whilst the clips at the rear attach to the outer blanket to prevent the liner moving and becoming a hazard to your horses legs. 

Thermi-Heat Liner

Another addition to the 2023 Winter collection, the Innovative Thermi-Heat technology liner provides a versatile layering system to ensure you can remove or add a layer for your horse's comfort, whatever the weather. This liner features a 210 denier inner with a versatile 100g of polyfill. The Thermi-Heat lininc across the back utalises thermal relfection and your horse to maintain warmth, while also allowing excess moisture to escape.